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The term “commercial cleaning” takes on a special meaning in the restaurant industry because it is so critical to the success of every restaurant. The most innovative chef and the most tempting dishes can never replace how important cleanliness is to the overall dining out experience. That’s why JAN-PRO offers these important benefits in its restaurant cleaning practices

JAN-PRO has developed an expertise in cleaning systems for Restaurants based on an understanding of their unique business needs.

  • Because restaurants are busy environments, each may have slightly different cleaning requirements. At JAN-PRO we understand this and the importance of communicating regularly and clearly with every restaurant client and its staff.
  • At JAN-PRO we take a unique approach to commercial cleaning by using a proven system of a branded process we call JP Signature Clean®, JP Technics® and JP Tracker® that enable us to first measure and then deliver unequalled cleaning quality and service consistently.
  • All JAN-PRO cleaning crews must go through an extensive initial five week training program that is the most comprehensive in our industry. Before they ever touch your facility, they will thoroughly learn how to clean it.
  • At JAN-PRO we only use cleaning products and equipment that are environmentally safe and effective. Our disinfectants are hospital grade for a broader kill spectrum, so we can use less of them. Our backpack vacuums use a four part hepa filter process that removes 99.9% of particles to the size of 0.3 microns from the air. Our color coded microfiber cloths reduce the risk of cross contamination, and our microfiber flat mops make short work of cleaning the toughest floor surfaces.
  • In addition to the routine high quality cleaning practices you can expect from JAN-PRO, our crews are all owner operators in their own right. This means they are highly motivated to do whatever it takes to add the small but important touches to your restaurant’s visual appearance. Whether it’s a handprint on a counter, a cobweb by the door, a loose napkin on the floor, your JAN-PRO crew will take care of it, so that you don’t have to.
  • Many of our restaurant clients tell us we act more like a business partner than a vendor, and that’s just fine with us. Because restaurants are a high demand industry, we know we’ll often be required to go beyond our standard scope of work. We do it willingly, and it results in strong relationships with our clients.
  • For each of the past three years, JAN-PRO has been ranked the fastest growing franchise in the US in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 Awards. It’s little wonder then that JAN-PRO proudly lists among its restaurant clients such prominent names as Johnny Carino’s, Chili’s, Pei Wei and PF Chang’s.

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