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Funeral Homes


JAN-PRO understands that funeral homes are very special environments with their own unique set of janitorial and maintenance requirements. Grieving families and friends want comfort and peace as they say their good-byes. You must have a clean and presentable facility at all times. That is why JAN-PRO management and staff receive extra training on the specific needs of each of the funeral homes we maintain.

JAN-PRO has developed an expertise in cleaning systems for funeral homes based on an understanding of their unique business needs.

  • We work with you to provide flexible cleaning schedules and special events support. All JAN-PRO crews are insured and bonded. We respect your open door policy and always keep your chapel and viewing rooms in first class condition.
  • JAN-PRO uses a neutral-ph quat cleaner-disinfectant on all hard environmental surfaces. This hospital-grade cleaner fights antibiotic-resistant organisms including MRSA and NRE.
  • We use and frequently change color-coded micro fiber cloths and flat mops to stop the spread of germs and eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Our four-filter back pac vacuums remove dirt to .3 microns (HEPA quality) and keep it out of the air quietly and more efficiently.
  • We combine this advanced technology with a rigorous cleaning schedule customized for your specific facility needs. The result is a cleaning system designed to meet the highest expectations.
  • JAN-PRO’s professional cleaning teams are lead by highly-trained business owners with a vested interest in delivering impeccable service. It’s one of the things that sets JAN-PRO apart, and it’s one of the things that allows us to offer a guarantee like no one else in the industry.

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