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JAN-PRO understands that places of worship are very special environments with their own unique set of janitorial and maintenance requirements. That is why JAN-PRO management and staff receive extra training on the specific needs of each of the churches we maintain.

JAN-PRO has developed an expertise in cleaning systems for churches based on an understanding of their unique business needs.

  • We work with you to provide flexible cleaning schedules and special events support. All JAN-PRO crews are insured and bonded. We respect your open door policy and always keep your church in first class condition.
  • All JAN-PRO cleaning products and equipment exceed OSHA requirements, and our hospital-strength disinfectants kill a broad spectrum of bacteria — an important advantage for the high-touch facilities in a church environment.
  • All JAN-PRO clients receive our regular fifty point onsite service check to make sure all goals are being met. Our exclusive processes, JP Tracker, JP Technics and JP Signature Clean, all work together to keep us accountable and our results measurable.
  • All JAN-PRO crews receive five weeks of intensive training, the most comprehensive training in the industry. They wear identifiable JAN-PRO uniforms and prominently displayed I/D badges. We also provide flexible cleaning services so as to be respectful of the church’s weekly scheduled events.
  • JAN-PRO is so confident of its services we actually guarantee your satisfaction with them. JAN-PRO is the only commercial cleaning company with the confidence to make our comprehensive guarantee.

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