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Auto Dealerships

Our industry and yours are very similar in many ways. We both rely on creating good first impressions. We both depend on the quality of our associates. And we both have reputations that require us to consistently deliver high quality customer service.

JAN-PRO has developed an expertise in cleaning systems for auto dealerships based on an understanding of their unique business needs.

  • Dealerships often have large expanses of hard-surface flooring. JAN-PRO offers specialized cleaning systems—from burnishing to top scrub and refinish—designed specifically to keep these floors showroom clean.
  • All of our contracts for automotive dealerships include regular, thorough cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms and an inspection process that ensures high-quality results.
  • Customers may visit your dealership multiple times before making the buying decision. We take special care to design a cleaning approach that keeps your dealership in top condition each and every day–and keeps your customers impressed with your attention to detail.
  • JAN-PRO’s professional cleaning teams are lead by highly trained business owners with a vested interest in delivering impeccable service. It’s one of the things that sets JAN-PRO apart, and it’s one of the things that allows us to offer a guarantee like no one else in the industry.

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