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Who We Serve

Our cleaning services cover any professional or commercial environment. Here are just a few samples of our solutions for some specific industries…

Medical & Dental Offices

A healthy medical facility environment is critical to cutting down on the spread of bacteria and viruses. JAN-PRO® is highly trained in maintaining high levels of cleanliness in medical/office complexes. Here are some reasons why.

Banks & Financial Institutions

The banking world is competitive and fast-paced, and customers often struggle to see any real benefits of one bank over another. At JAN-PRO we understand this environment and how the little things like a professionally maintained banking facility are always important.

Professional Office

Our highly trained crews and first rate cleaning products and processes all combine to attack bacteria and destroy it where it breeds. We pay special attention to high touch areas such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles and push plates so that nothing is left to chance.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit Organizations are finding their budgets very reduced during this tough economy. We understand your need to spend your time find the funds necessary to accomplish your mission. Your resources must be spent wisely.

Health Clubs

Maintaining high standards in personal fitness requires a level of personal commitment. Without goals, and a plan for achieving them, the right results are hard to realize. It’s the same with janitorial services. To operate a clean and well maintained facility takes planning, and JAN-PRO has a plan we’d like to share.

Plant Facilities

Manufacturing plants have vast differences in the areas that need cleaning. Break rooms, production areas and locker room facilities are typically the most used area in any plant environment. These areas need extra care and possibly multiple cleanings each day. Plant facilities have unique needs that may require specialized tools and equipment necessary for you to excel in your business.


The responsibility for caring for and educating young children is one of the most demanding professions. JAN-PRO understands this and what it takes to keep children safe at school. While we can’t help out with what they learn, we can surely help out with the cleanliness of their learning environment.

Auto Dealerships

Our industry and yours are very similar in many ways. We both rely on creating good first impressions. We both depend on the quality of our associates. And we both have reputations that require us to consistently deliver high quality customer service.


JAN-PRO understands that places of worship are very special environments with their own unique set of janitorial and maintenance requirements. That is why JAN-PRO management and staff receive extra training on the specific needs of each of the churches we maintain.


The term “commercial cleaning” takes on a special meaning in the restaurant industry because it is so critical to the success of every restaurant. The most innovative chef and the most tempting dishes can never replace how important cleanliness is to the overall dining out experience. That’s why JAN-PRO offers these important benefits in its restaurant cleaning practices.

Funeral Homes

JAN-PRO understands that funeral homes are very special environments with their own unique set of janitorial and maintenance requirements. Grieving families and friends want comfort and peace as they say their good-byes. You must have a clean and presentable facility at all times.

Retail Stores

JAN-PRO has developed an expertise in cleaning systems for Retail Stores based on an understanding of their unique business needs.