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The World Leader in Commercial Cleaning

Looking to purchase a franchise in an industry that is economically resistant? Look no further than Jan-Pro.

The commercial cleaning sector is typically a recession resistant industry, said Riaz Rafiq, managing director of Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems for Australia and New Zealand.

“There’s always a need for cleaning, and commercial facilities must always be well maintained,” Rafiq said.

Jan-Pro International has been in operation since 1991; the network expanded internationally in 1999 and Australia’s first office in Melbourne opened in September 2011. Worldwide there are now more than 12,000 franchisees and Jan-Pro is located in all 50 states of the United States, in every territory of Canada, Bahamas, Brazil, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Jan-Pro typically cleans any commercial facility including offices, health clubs, medical centers, banks, churches, restaurants and day-care centers and prides itself on providing all clients a written quality satisfaction guarantee on its services.

“The world famous Jan-Pro Guarantee provides a satisfaction safety net for every one of our clients. This is imperative in an industry where sub-standard service is unfortunately prominent – we’re doing everything we can to stamp this out,” Rafiq said.

Anton Martin, director of Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Melbourne said customer service, inspection methods and regular customer contact differentiates Jan-Pro from competitors.

“We are part of a service-based industry, so we like to put an emphasis on customer service, and immediately rectify any issues that may occur,” he said.

Jan-Pro has six franchisees operating in the Melbourne market. “We are growing steadily, making sure we are servicing both our franchisees and our clients to the best of our ability – our sales team is doing a fantastic job in bringing in new business so we are growing rapidly and we are looking for committed franchisees to join us,” Martin said.

“Given the current demand for commercial cleaning, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth are markets we are hoping to open by the end of 2012 so we are looking for potential master franchisees, like Anton, Australia-wide,” Rafiq said.

Jan-Pro empowers its franchisees with a real ‘business owner’ mentality allowing them to build their business at their own pace, Martin said.

” We have franchise packages available for every investor, for those people wanting to just start out small, working part-time hours around their full-time job, all the way up to management level where franchisees have employees working under them, all day every day,” Martin said.

“We look for growth potential when we seek our franchisees and we want people with long-term outlooks, not just those seeking short-term gain. How much money a franchisee can make depends on the type of franchise plan they buy, and of course, how hard they are willing to work to build their business.”

Jan-Pro provides all initial training through its five-week program so previous cleaning experience is not necessary. Jan-Pro thoroughly trains franchisees in all processes, and then continues to support its franchisees as they build their business. Full administrative support is also provided to franchisees, with all billing, collections and operational work completed by Head Office.

“We take away the regular headaches of running a business for our franchisees. This allows them more time to do what they do best – service their clients at the highest quality level,” Martin said.

Depending on the franchise plan you choose, a Jan-Pro Commercial Cleaning Franchise starts from as little as $950 + with a plan to suit every potential franchisee’s needs. Your local Jan-Pro office will explain your investment options and the process going forward.

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