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I Love Starbucks, But …

I love Starbucks. There are Starbucks beans in a canister on my counter. I love that they’ve gone back to old style baristas. I love the smell of coffee when I walk into their shops. But I’m a bit disappointed with their storefront cleanliness. The last two times I visited a Starbucks for my Grande Latte’ I was met with very dirty smudged front doors. My thoughts immediately went to the germs that must be residing on the door handle. It gave me a negative first impression. I walked in anyway; the line was very long. I walked out. My guess is I probably would have stayed if that front door was sparkling clean. But instead I just didn’t need that Grande Latte that badly.

When your customers arrive at your front door, what do they experience? Is it smudge free? Have the ledges in the windows been dusted? Does the interior entrance have a clean smell to it? Is the floor clean? Perceptions are impossible to avoid and can be assumed to be reality. We can’t control that. We can control what the perceptions are based on and a positive first impression can go a long way toward achieving that. It’s not so important that your customer, employee, vendor, visitor notice how clean your entry area is as it is that they don’t see a dirty, grimy, unwelcoming entry area.

How does the old saying go? You only get one chance at a first impression!

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